CHARACTER NAME: Elizabeth Grange
TITLE: Freak Show

A young Russian immigrant brought to the States by her mother on the run from the Nazi hoard during the second world war. Elizabeth quickly falls in love with her new home and especially the world of movies. It was her aspiration to become an actress that brought her in contact with her fellow team mates as they investigated their first case. Although the quite member of the team it is Elizabeth who grows the most over time and may well hold the key to their final destination.

Freak Show is set during the 1950's, beginning in Los Angeles and quickly moving to New York. The story consists of five main characters, one haunted house, a begrudged ghost, dozens of misunderstood villains and of course a dark secret which will only be revealed at the story's end; except it won't because volume II entitled Swing set during the 1960's continues this political look at American society through the influence of the celluloid lens of American Cinema, TV advertising and media propaganda.

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